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Overview of Services

  • Veterinary Services
    Learn more about our Primary Care, Preventative, Emergency Care, Surgical, Rehabilitation, Diagnostic, Dental, Hospitalization and Pharmacy services
  • Pet Grooming Services
    We also provide a wide range of Pet Grooming Services including Bathing, Overall Grooming, Coat Conditioning, Coat Trimming, Nails Filing at afforrdable prices
  • Pet Wellness
    Our most favorite service among pets is the thorough Pet Fitness programs we offer. These include bone and muscular growth programs for growing dogs, pet obedience training, behavior training and senior wellness programs for mature pets.
  • Education
    Our educational services are designed keeping the pet owner in mind. No matter if you are a seasoned pet owner or a new pet owner, our wealth of resources are sure to answer just about any question you may have.

More On Our Services

  • Veterinary Services
    Our wide range of veterinary services are designed to keep your pet safe and healthy
  • Preventative Care

    Preventative Care is all about keeping your pet healthy and diagnosing problems before they threaten your pet's life. Your pet must undergo a thorough physical examination at least twice a year and preferably every three months. This is really important for young animals and seniors. Our examinations include diagnosing for eyes, ears, nose problems, lymph nodes, respiration, nerve reflexes, heart and lungs, palpation of the abdomen, coat and nail evaluation, body condition scoring and assessment of any pain that may be troubling the animal. Please bring any different behaviors or changes you may observe to our notice during your visits.

    Vaccinations and Immunization

    Active immunization is the introduction into the body of killed or satisfied microorganisms or their products for the purpose of stimulating the body’s defense mechanism. This concept is also applicable to other species like pets. Like humans, dogs need vaccinations too even at an early age. That is why it is important to immunize puppies/young pets at the earliest so that they will survive until they are fully grown up. Rabies is a deadly virus and can affect any warm blooded animal including humans. Rabies in later stages is almost incurable and easily transmissible. Vaccination for rabies does not cause any reactions or side effects and is mandatory for all pets above 4 weeks of age.


    Although pets are gifted with natural immunity against parasites, sometimes this immunity breaks down under stress or illness. A direct correlation of this is the increase in number of worms as seen in the feces. If left untreated can lead to weight loss, liver infections or internal bleeding. Although deworming medications are mostly effective against roundworms, tapeworms and ring worms, a speacial diagnosis performed by your vet is mandatory to prescribe the best remedy.

    Flea, Ticks, Mites and Skin Infections

    Skin infections due to parasitic infections or allergies are the most common causes of heavy itching and loss of coat/hair. Treatment of skin infections requires a combination of topical and antibiotics administered b your vet. Post medication care must be taken to avoid a rebound of infections.

    Dental Treatments

    Pets often require dental treatments due to mouth infections arising from decaying food particles. While brushing your pets teeth may alleviate most of the symptom, it is recommended to have your vet brush your pet's teeth to avoid gum injuries and by using a special animal toothpaste.

    Surgery and Anesthesia

    We work with a wide network of specialized animal service providers to perform complex surgeries and anesthesia. We perform the initial diagnosis ad recommend patients to established hospitals that offer specialized yet affordable pet treatments and rehabilitation.

    Spaying and neutering pets can prevent unwanted incidents that may inconvenience you. Spaying and neutering also helps reduce transmissible diseases. If you elect to have your pet spayed or neutered, please speak to us for further advise and recommendations.

  • Pet Grooming Services
    Our Hospitality services are aimed at looking after your pet when you can't. We also offer services to beautify your pet for you.
  • Pet Grooming, Nail Cutting, De-Clawing, Pet Saloon

    Even your pet wants to look beautiful, trust us!!. We offer a wide range to grooming services for pets that include coat brushing, skin massages, fur treatments, Shaving, Fur Trimming, Styling. Lets just say this is the saloon for your pet to come out looking beautiful. Please feel free to discuss hair trimming options for your pet. Depending on the condition of your pets coat, we may be able to suggest multiple styling choices. All pet's toenails must be trimmed from time to time. We also care for your pet’s coat to reduce the ingestion of hair during self grooming

    Pet Hotel, Boarding

    Have you had to postpone or reschedule your vacation due to your pet? We offer the best in class pet boarding services. Our partners who assist with pet boarding have years of experience in professional pet keeping. We go at lengths to ensure your pet is in safe hands and some of our services include - Pre check-in familiarization, socialization with environment/care taker, food and medication checklist. etc. Rest assured you can go on that long vacation, you have always wanted to go on.

  • Pet Wellness
    Wellness programs include physical exercises, training regimens, pet exercises, obedience training
  • Doggy Gym, Muscle Toning, Bone Growth

    Think of our wellness program as your pets Gym. This program is tailored to train your pet physically and also includes basics of obedience training. Basic muscle toning and bone strengthening exercises are performed and owners can buy our specially designed toys to continue the training regimen. Our obedience training classes based on the principle of positive reinforcement helps your dog become a well behaved animal and in the process learns a neat tick or two to impress your friends. We also offer pet weight loss programs to get your pet back in shape. Visit us today to see what routine or exercise works for your pet.

  • Education
    Seminars and resources to make you the smart pet owner.
  • Seminars, Pet Owner Tutorials, Puppy Kindergarten, House Training

    We believe that a pets health depends directly on the pet owners knowledge about pets. We conduct free seminars time and again to educate pet owners about how to best care for their pets. Our pet fitness seminar is free of charge and presented once a month. We cover many topics ranging from benefits of fitness, demonstrate simple techniques to help your pet stay healthy, and distribute medication to help your pet stay healthy. Our favorite seminar is the PKG seminar - Puppy Kinder Garden. This seminar happens twice a month and is totally free. It is designed for new and existing pet owners and provides a basic introduction to animal care, puppy care, kitten care, potty training, house-training, positive disciplining for the youngest four legged member of your family :-).